Free Advice: On Finding Love - Part Three


The Family-Wedding Test

I was never great at choosing the right guy and couldn't quite figure out how I would end up in nowhere relationships until I decided that in order to date someone, they would have to pass my Family-Wedding Test first. My theory was that if I felt comfortable taking him to a family wedding, then I was on the right track to a healthy relationship. My advice may not be rocket-science but it does help to ferret out those with whom you should not even think of entering into a relationship with. 

Think about it.

A family-wedding requires that you feel confident that your date ...
  • be able to carry on some sort of normal conversation, even they are shy and can only talk about the weather.
  • have basic table manners and can deal with the fact that your cousin "It" may not.
  • will just laugh if your drunken uncle Bob repetitively asks him, "So, when are you going to pop the question?".
  • will behave in a gentlemanly/ladylike manner.
  • will not get totally wasted during the reception.
  • will ask your grandmother/grandfather to dance.
At no point do I even mention what your potential wedding date might look like. It's because it really doesn't matter. Believe me when I sincerely say that once you love and are loved by someone, they become beautiful - despite their physical flaws.

"Yeah...right" you might say to me..."That's all fine and good, but what about feeling physically attracted? What about chemistry?" And I say to you... "Who cares? You're just looking for a decent date for a wedding (or whatever)". See...Free Advice On Falling In Love; Part Two

So, the next time you need  (or just want) a date - think about asking out the guy/girl who could pass the family wedding test first - so what if they look a lot like Lyle Lovett? You're not marrying them, it's just a date.

Then see what happens... you might be pleasantly surprised.  Finding Love:Part 4

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