Just what is ...An UnDisappointed Bongo?


(705) 719-8960
It was clear from very early on that my adorable, decent, hardworking and honest nephew, Robb Young (aka DJ MarcusWelby) was a music freak and I'm so proud to say that he got his unpaid,  teenaged DJ feet wet, at a few of my very own parties in Dallas. He's all grown up now and has recently introduced, "UnDisappointed Bongo Mobile DJ Services" to Orillia, Ontario Canada.
So if you happen to be needing a great guy to DJ anything from a wedding to a Kid's Party, contact....

UnDisappointed Bongo Mobile DJ Services
 (705) 719-8960

Why choose UnDisappointed Bongo? 
  1. Robb is adorable, decent, hardworking and honest (or have I said that already?)
  2. They do 'Karaoke'. What a hoot!
  3. They are service-oriented...  "It's your function.....and we play what you want us to play."
  4. They are flexible ... "If you hate the stereotypical DJ's that dance to their own songs and wear corny Hawaiian shirts. Have no fear that's NOT what we're about." (but if you want him to wear a corny Hawaiian shirt, he would do it in a heartbeat).
  5. They want your business, and your repeat business.
  6. They travel and have current passports.
  7. They have an impressively huge collection of various music.
What UnDisappointed Bongo's clients are saying about them...
  •  "WhooHoooo....As the advertising says, you won't be disappointed. Very professional; reasonable rates and great music for all ages...good job Robb..."
  • "Awesome DJ. Seen him in action twice now. He is great. Dance floor never empties."
  • "I had a wonderful time at my Christmas Party this year! You were amazing and I can't wait to see you at the next function".
If you do choose UnDisappointed Bongo...Don't forget to tell him ..."Aunt Joan sent me..." I'm sure he'll give you a 10% discount.

 DJ Marcus Welby...
The Early Years
 OK, so maybe he's a little older now, but definitely as cute as ever.

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