Free Advice: On Falling in Love - Part Eight


At the not-so-tender age of forty-one, I married the love of my life.

Despite all the razzing he gets from me for his trademark frugality, he remains a loyal, kind, considerate, generous, witty, brilliant, loving, warm and fun partner in life. I couldn't ask for more. We are best friends who are respectful and considerate of one another. Simple as that.
Still in love
 So how does one go about finding their prince (or princess) anyway?
  •  Admit to yourself that you are lovable. (Part Two) You might even want to write down all those lovable qualities about yourself and post them somewhere you see regularly... the fridge, a card in your wallet,  inside the door of your medicine cabinet? You've probably drilled into your head all kinds of negative crap about yourself, so stop beating yourself up. The energy you waste on negative thoughts could be put to better use. Believe me. Be a better you, today
  • Accept yourself as a human being with feelings and emotions. Prepare yourself to be vulnerable. (Part Three) Practicing your vulnerability on trusted family and/or friends can be accomplished by speaking to them from your heart. Telling them that you love them and why you do, might be a good place to start.
  • Recognize that life is not always "black and white". Sometimes, it's gray. (Part Five) Fortunately, most of us are free to make our own decisions. Here's my advice on decision-making...Base your decisions in life on the potential consequence. Then accept or reject your choice depending on what you are prepared to handle.
  • "Above all; To thine own self, be true" (Part Seven) Be authentic to who you are. Someone out there will find you absolutely captivating for just being yourself.

So there you have it.
My fifty-something outlook on Falling in Love.
Oh, and when you do find the love of your life...cherish him or her. 
Love is precious. Treat it accordingly.


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