The Evolution of The Craft Room


When the last kid left the nest, he mindfully told us he would return later that evening to pick up the remainder of his things.A bittersweet moment, for sure. The front door closed behind him and in the flap of a gnats wing, his father and I were redecorating.

After eight hours of cleaning, painting and furniture moving, his old room became our new Guest Room and the old guestroom became my Craft Room! Voila!

We were quite proud of ourselves and when the kid came back that night for the rest of his stuff, we gushingly showed him the fruits of our labor. His response to us dripped with sarcasm as he simply said. ..."So, didja miss me?"

I love my Craft Room. It's where I have all my stuff and where I cut glass, sew and paint. Do I need a Craft Room? Not really but it promotes marital harmony as nobody (who rarely wears shoes) steps on any "G.D. pieces of glass or straight pins".

The Craft Room is a work in progress. Doug thinks it looks like a garage. I like it.

You be the judge.

The bins by the window are full of glass. Above, is an overhead projector - it's a  'light box' for opaque glass.
Here's a Glass grinder, soldering iron and the great (free) craft table that my brother snagged for me!
In the corner is a circular saw. A little overkill for sawing metal frames but I let Doug use it on occasion.

 Come to think of it... maybe it does look a little like a garage.

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Cheryl said...

I'm jealous! Love your craft room! I didn't know stained-glass making was another of your many talents.
I've been wanting to give it a try, but it is an expensive hobby!


joanyspot said...

Thanks Cheryl - you're right about Stained glass being an expensive hobby...especially to get started. I have since learned that many stained glass places that offer classes also let you use their grinders etc.