Not Your Mama's Cookie Exchange...


Peanut Butter Reindeer Cookies by moi. What they lack in flavor, they make up for in looks.

For the past seven years, Jeni and Lori have hosted an Annual Cookie Exchange.

What draws us to this annual event is...
  • The Company: It's always great getting together with fun, intelligent and interesting women...
Adrian & Jeni
Christie & Lori

Maryanne, Chrissy & Cheyenne
  • The Martinis: The signature drinks this year were ...The Pomegranate Martini & The Tropical Breeze
  • The Food: Lori's Famous Pigs-in-a-Blanket, Jeni's Chicken Nuggets, Someone's Sinful Cheese dip - just to name a few.
  • The Ornaments: Every year we are asked to bring an ornament and we participate in a "Dirty Santa". It's called that because these fun, intelligent and interesting women are also 'cut-throat' when it comes to getting the ornament of their choice. 
    Dirty Santa Instructions
    1. Everyone who brings an ornament is asked to choose a number by picking one out of a bowl.
    2. The person who has chosen #1 is the first to choose an ornament. They may keep it or choose a different one.
    3. The sorry bitch person who has chosen #2 may take #1's ornament away from her. This forces #1 to choose another ornament.
    4. The participant who has chosen #3 may choose to rip off take #1 or #2's ornament from them, thus causing the empty handed number holder to choose another ornament.
    5. The same ornament can only be transferred 3 times and then it is no longer available for stealing..

So, when I overheard a couple of  'ornament-hunters' strategizing their plan to snap up the ornament of their choice it came as no surprise to me...
Cut-throat ornament-hunters. You know who you are.

The Cookie Exchange:
Everyone brought six dozen of the same type of cookie and separated them into three packages of two dozen cookies each. All cookie-exchangers chose a number which designated their turn to choose a cookie package.Everyone went home with 6 dozen assorted cookies.

Jeni's chocolate treats

Chocolate-covered pretzels

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