Japan: Japanese Bars


Wine Casks at Meiji Shrine
OK, so I lied. But this is really my last 'Japan' post.

As you might imagine, many Japanese bars are a little different than what we might be accustomed to. When I saw this sign, I was drawn like a moth to a flame...

The sign reminded me of my dear friend who I refer to on occasion as "Bar". His name references the night that we met about twenty years ago. As a totally good excuse for a party, combined with an easy way out of decorating my Christmas tree, I invited a few people over for drinks and free labor. "Bar" was dating someone who eventually became one of my closest friends and his future wife. Somehow, the party moved on to a seedy little bar in downtown Dallas that had apparently lost it's neon "The". It was now simply known as "Bar". That night, we forged the basis for a great friendship. Thanks, "Bar".

Anywho... back to Japan...

Mr. Something and I looked high and low for a bar in Tokyo. We couldn't find one.

Let me warn you that this is like the dullest report on Japanese bars ever as we ended up visiting only one.

We stumbled upon The Hibaya Bar. Their slogan? "We stand on our shared hopes, dreams and a desire for happiness." What's not to like about a place with a slogan like this?

As we walk inside, the doorman points to our shoes and then to a locker. Check. Take off shoes, place in locker. We are escorted to our table. I must say that it was a little strange walking into a bar sock-footed.

The Hibaya was a lot like any other bar we had ever visited in the west except for its shoeless patrons. A little more upscale than "Bar", however.

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