"The Sound of Music" Sing-Along Event


Today is "The Sound of Music Sing-Along" at a local movie theater and I really want to go ... but so far, despite the fact that I think it would be a scream to sit in the dark singing along with strangers,  I have not been able to stir up even a squinch of interest from my peers.

Here are just a few of the lame comments and/or excuses...
  • "I don't know any of the words."
  • "I've never seen it"
  • "I wash my hair on Tuesdays."
  • "Sounds stupid."
  • "I'll be working"
  • "Why?" 
  • "There is no way in Hell" - (that comment came from my sweet husband)
Normally, I feel very comfortable in going to see a movie by myself, in fact there are times that I prefer it that way but belting out a rousing version of  "My Favorite Things" alone ...just seems...weird.

As a final attempt to generate a little enthusiasm around this once in a lifetime event, my plan is to Facebook this post and see if I can get anybody to bite. It starts at 6:30pm in Plano at The Cinemark Legacy Theater.

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Anita said...

I was planning to go to the one at Legacy also, then found out they had only sold 7 tickets! Got my money refunded so I can go to a theater with a few more (40 or 50) people. I'm really disappointed more people aren't interested in the Sound of Music.

Linda Olive said...

If I lived near to you, I would go with you! Singalongs are such brilliant fun. I went to a Sound of Music singalong a few years ago, and even my husband and kids enjoyed themselves. My 7 year old son won 1st prize in the costume competition, dressed up as a Nazi soldier!

joanyspot said...

They only sold 7 tickets? Good call on getting your money back. I would have expected a Church group or at the very least, a Girl Scout troop or two.