Biking Mackinac Island, Michigan


Biking Mackinac Island is pretty easy. It takes about two hours of leisurely bicycling to get around the island and as a special bonus (for those of us who like to bicycle leisurely) hills!
The Island House
Arch Rock

Lunch at The Village Inn was lovely. 

Dinner at The Yankee Rebel Tavern
Sunset on Mackinac Island

The Story of The Mackinac Ice Bridge

OK, so it's not really a bridge. It's a path or a Christmas Tree line.
Photo Credit: 'Ice Bridge' the movie

Time to get all comfy-cozy as you are about to read a heartwarming story of one man who made a huge difference in the lives of many.
Disclaimer: I have no clue if this story is for real, who the man was, when it happened or any other important details but after hearing it from a stranger from Cincinnati on a boat-dock in Mackinac, I just had to forward it on. If anyone can validate its authenticity, add/subtract/or delete from the story, I would love to hear from you.   
The story goes... Many years ago, just after Christmas, a man's young daughter was returning to her home on the island by foot. Crossing on the ice was commonplace but on this particular day, the man's daughter became disoriented and lost her way. She was found dead on the ice. 

Her father, distraught by her loss recruited the islanders to give him their Christmas trees which he placed in the ice creating a pathway to and from Mackinac Island to provide direction so that no one else would lose their life.

The tradition continues today.

Mackinac in Winter

I would just love to go to Mackinac Island during winter. My husband? Not so much. Being Dallas born and bred his inclement weather theory goes like this... "If your car breaks down in the heat, chances are good you'll eventually get to your final destination but if your car breaks down in the cold, chances are good, you'll die."

I, on the other hand, (being born and bred in The Great White North) have been known to get all misty-eyed at the memory of crisp, clean newly fallen snow.

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Liz said...

You should come in the winter - it is wonderful!

I've lived on Mackinac 18 years now and I've never heard that story behind the ice bridge...