Mackinac Island, Michigan - After Dark


The Island House 
Dinner was Fish & Chips at Pat Sinclair's Pub on Main St. A comfortable, casual little place not far from our historic hotel, The Island House. Afterward, a sunset stroll downtown where I counted only one 'Starbucks' but 8 fudge shops. Huh. Those Mackinac-ers are really into their sweets.

Chocolate is a big seller here. Check out these chocolate pumps...

Chocolate Artist in action
As a word of caution... The Ghost Tour is located across the street from this place. Dragging my very skeptical husband on the tour was my first mistake. Actually going on the tour at all was my second.  I guess I should have known better but I've always been a sucker for a Ghost Tour.

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Anonymous said...

I loved the ghost tour. I guess it is not for everyone.