Mackinac Island, Michigan - 2


I'm dedicating this post to all those Mackinac Island cottage-owners out there. 
You know who you are. 
I have but one question...
What in the hell do you do for a living?
One of my favorite "cottages"
Baby blue paint detail
With matching baby blue ceiling

OK, so not all of the five-hundred year-round Mackinac Island residents live in such palatial homes but even the simpler dwellings can't be described as 'shabby'. Immaculately landscaped condos, townhouses, apartments and employee housing is all close to downtown - but then again, what isn't? The island is eight miles around.
I want to live here.

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Liz said...

None of us year-round island residents own homes like that. Most of us live in quite modest homes in a part of the island called "The Village." It's a great place to live if cold weather doesn't bother you. To answer your question, I teach at the island school.

Joan Young Spotswood said...

Liz. Thanks for commenting. I would love to see it in winter.

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