Diary of an Ex-Smoker...Part Three


So, in my quest to find "Mr. Right", my plan to quit smoking was proving to be a little more arduous than I had expected.

 I was on my umpteenth attempt to quit smoking when I saw a TV show documenting the lives of crack-cocaine addicts called "Return to Crack Street", hosted by Dan Rather. In one part, the producers showed a study which involved rats who were placed in separate cages outfitted a lever. The rat soon learned that if he/she stepped on the lever they would be rewarded by receiving a spray/hit of a mind-altering drug. Marijuana, Heroin, Crack, whatever. When the rat was thoroughly stoned out of his gourd, it would stop hitting the lever. Not so with crack. The rat would continue to hit the lever until it died.

Whoa. A very powerful illustration of just how addictive crack cocaine really was. So how do crack cocaine addicts get off of the pipe?    

Acupuncture. Dan was interviewing hard-core crack cocaine addicts who had success in beating their addiction from crack through acupuncture.

Then it happened. Synchronicity. To quote Wikipedia..."Synchronicity is the experience of two or more events that are apparently casually unrelated occurring together in a meaningful manner."

Well hell. If acupuncture can work for crack-addicts...

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