Coincidences: Venice, Italy


Venice was everything I had thought it would be.  Ancient architecture, narrow, cobblestone walkways within the city, canals as major thoroughfare.  My romantic notion of a floating Venice in a Gondola was yanked when I found out how much it would cost a young traveler on a budget. Water-buses were the way to go. Cheap and convenient, they were everywhere.
On one such excursion, I noticed a young lady who (for some unknown reason) looked like she was English-speaking. Killing time, and using my standard while-traveling-through-Europe-line, I approached her...
  • Me: "Hi, So, where are you from?"
  • Her: "Dallas, Texas"
  • Me: "Getouttahere! So am I!"
  • Her: "Really? I've been here a while, going to Art School."
  • Me: "Wow, that must be cool."
  • Her: "Yeah, but my Dad had a heart attack a few weeks ago, so I think I might go back to Dallas."
  • Me:"Huh. I'm a Cardiac Nurse in Dallas - What hospital was he in?"
  • Her: "Baylor"
  • Me: "Getouttahere - I work at Baylor - What's his name?"
  • Her: (She told me her Dad's name)
  • Me: "Ha! I just saw him last week and he's doing great!"

Strange how these things happen, don't you think?

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Heather said...

I think that's an amazing story! The ways we are used for cosmic good never cease to amaze me. Way to support good in the universe!