Living the Dream...


OK. So it's taken me about a week to come down from Vegas.

As an ICU nurse, I think I may have spent a little too much time in the casino. Upon returning to work, the bells and whistles of all our various alarms and alerts sure sounded a lot like the familiar rush of fake coins from slot machines. It wouldn't have surprised me if the enticing 'come-on' of  "WHEEL-OF-FORTUNE" was heard down the hall. LasVegas and my real life became intertwined for a few days. But now I can confidently say that I'm back.
Gone, is the ringing in my ears, the chronic fatigue and my money. 

It wasn't all gambling however. My friend JoBeth and I had planned for a few casino-breaks during our three days in Sin City.

We stayed at The MGM Grand and soon after arriving, made our way to The Monorail and bought a 3-Day unlimited pass for $28. The monorail runs along the Vegas Strip to most of the hotels and is a great alternative to the lengthy taxi lines. 

That night we had dinner reservations at 7 pm for The Venetian's "Tao". A chic and very dimly-lit Asian-fusion restaurant where the likes of Britney and Paris frequent. No luck in celebrity spotting for us however. My guess is that Britney or Paris dine a little later in the evening and even if they were there, it was so dark that we would have had to literally bump into them. I guess that's why they like it there. 

Afterwards, we walked across the street to The Mirage where we had tickets to see the abdsolutely fantastic Cirque du Soleil "Beatles Love". If you like The Beatles, you've got to go to this.
Tuesday's dinner was at Mandalay Bay's "The Red Square". A beautiful Russian restaurant with a bar topped in ice. The service and decor was outstanding. The food? Not so much.
From Mandalay Bay, we zipped back to The Venetian via the Monorail and saw "The Jersey Boys" a musical regaling the life and times of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.
  On Wednesday we were back at The Mirage - dinner at "Japonais" 
Then, Terry Fator. If you've never heard of him it's because he was unheard of until about three or four years ago when he won"America's Got Talent" The guy is a singing ventriloquist and a hoot!

Anyway, when it was all said and done, the bleary-eyed JoBeth and I both agreed we had a great time and would do it all over again. 

Viva Las Vegas!

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Unknown said...

Oh man, I totally want to see the Beetles show! So, it was good?!