Audiobook Review: The Millenium Trilogy


I happened upon "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" during a cyber-search for something interesting to listen to. Finding a good audio-book can be a tough one at times. Narration is key and even though the book content may be decent, a lousy reader can make or break an audio-book.  Despite the fact that "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" was originally written in Swedish and translated for us, the stories were interesting and the narration was impeccable by Simon Vance. I found it by searching "Staff Picks" at my audio-book website.

The stories surround Mikael Blomkvist, a local investigative journalist who works for 'Millenium' magazine. He has recently taken a hiatus from his job and has been hired to research the mystery of a missing woman from many years earlier. Through this opportunity, he meets 'Lisbeth Salander', a young, tragic, pierced, sort of girl who has a photographic memory, a brilliant mind for mathematics and just happens to be a computer whiz. Salander sports a tattoo of a dragon on her back, has been known to play with fire on occasion and tends to stir up shit (sorry, my simple mind couldn't find a better word). Together, they make for an interesting team.

I'm not the biggest fan of the cloak and dagger genre but these books were really captivating.

Currently, the trilogy has been made into (subtitled) Swedish-made movies. I've seen the first two and they are not all that great.

But, I've been spoiled by Hollywood.

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