Stained Glass


I love stained glass.

I think it may have something to do with being raised Catholic.

I, like so many of my peers were forced to attend weekly Sunday Mass as a child. The kicker was that Mass was delivered in Latin. I didn't speak Latin. I still don't. So, Latin services made for one bored and restless Catholic kid.

Giggling, playing, fighting and/or talking in church was considered a 'sin' and you didn't want be caught 'sinning' by any one of the "Sisters of St. Joseph". My two older brothers told me about how brutal the nuns could be and I took their word for it. My brothers were most definitely 'sinners' and had been known to be on the receiving end of Sister Mary Alexander's corporal punishment at one time or another.

So, I (being a "Good Catholic" girl) would spend my required time in church being mesmerized by the stained glass windows as I sat, kneeled and stood to the rhythm of Latin chants and prayers.
I was about ten years old when the Catholic Church took the giant leap forward and decided that it might be time to start delivering Mass in English when in English-speaking countries. Go figure. Unfortunately, by then my young mind had lost interest in what the church had to say but my soul remained 'hooked ' on stained glass.

About two years ago, I took a Stained Glass class.Here are a few of my 'creations'...

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Heather said...

Wow Joan! Those are amazing. I wish I had the talent (and patience) for stained glass making.

I too was mesmerized by the stained glass in my Lutheran church growing up. Our service wasn't in Latin, but I still gazed into the glass and thought it was funny that several of the panes looked liked Bug Bunny wearing a turban.

I swear to God!