Scattering Ashes - Part 2


Our brother, Terry knew he was about to die.

It was his choice to stop dialysis and allow for a peaceful, natural passing after years of being ravaged by diabetes and kidney failure. During the last few days of his life, he made it abundantly clear to us that he did not want a formal funeral or church service and that he wanted to be cremated with his ashes scattered in a specific bay that we were all familiar with. Out of respect for our big brother, his cremated remains were laid to rest into the sea on July 18th 2010.

It was a serene and sunny Sunday morning.

My sister, Bobbie read the following words (in part) from the lyrics of a Billy Joe Shaver song, "When Fallen Angels Fly" as my brother, Vic slowly released Terry's ashes into the water...Terry was a good guy but would be the first to say that he was "no angel", so the words just seemed appropriate...
"Terry, it's time for you now to relax into the arms of God.
Know that God saves His fallen angels
And their broken wings, he'll mend
All their sins will be forgiven.
All the saints will rejoice in heaven
When fallen angels fly.
Terry, We thank you for all that you have been to us.
We release you to God.
May your journey ahead be glorious and sweet."

Although I couldn't be there, our promise was kept to our big brother.
May he rest in peace.

Family Drama Post Script; There's No Escaping It...
A few days later, we heard that one of Terry's ex-wives (there were a few) reportedly discounted his last wishes to our relatives. How nice it would have been if she could have just let it go. I can't help but think... were her comments meant to be hurtful or did she just feel empowered by them? Either way, they were unnecessary and inappropriate. 

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