"A Registered Nurse, storyteller and wannabe artist. Always on the lookout for a creative outlet"

That is how I chose to describe myself in the "About Me" section of my blog. 

So, where does the "wannabe artist" part come in? I've written about all other aspects of my bio but have purposely chosen to omit my 'creative endeavors'. Maybe it's because my talent might be best described as somewhat "mediocre".

No worries though... I seriously doubt that you really care one way or the other, so in the interest of  documentation, please excuse me for inflicting my 'art' on you from time to time.

One of my first creative pursuits was "Photography". To me it seemed simple enough and didn't require a whole lot of stuff. But then I learned about F-Stops and apertures...

So much for manual photography.

Not possessing the required attention span to grasp the complexity of real photography, I decided that pointing and shooting with a decent digital camera would do just fine for me.

Then, I learned about all the things that can be done to my pictures using 'Adobe Photoshop'.


Pictures could be made to look like paintings, poor lighting could be improved, red eyes removed, cropping was a snap, but most importantly... superimposing friends faces on other pictures was a breeze.
Granted, it's not the simplest software to figure out but if you have the time and like indoor activities, it can be a lot of fun.

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Silver Strands said...

I think your art is amazing :)

joanyspot said...

Awwwwwww, Thank you!