Cross Stitch


It may take me a while but eventually I finish what I've started.

Case in point...

In my list of  Creative Endeavors, I chose to not list "Cross stitch" but then reconsidered. My first (and last) cross-stitch project really needed to be documented somewhere.

'Teddy Bear Parade' (see above) was started in 1980. It was a gift for my sweet nephew, Robert.

By the time his adorable little brother, Thomas came along in 1983 it was not quite finished so I thought it would make for a cute gift for both of them to hang in their room.

My final cross-stitch was made on this project, a mere nineteen years later in 1999. The thing is...I have no excuse. A lot of it was pre-stamped and colored.

At this point, I knew there was no way that I could look into the eyes of either of my grown nephews with a straight face while presenting them with 'Teddy Bear Parade' - I'm thinking they preferred girls.

Maybe I'll get started on working towards getting it stretched and framed for when one of them has a child of their own. But, at the rate I roll...

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