Vision Boards


I saw a segment on Oprah a while back on 'Vision Boards'. Have you heard of them? I had no clue what a 'vision board' was or how to go about making one so I found Christine Kane's blog that describes the process in its entirety.

In a nutshell, a vision board requires scissors, glue, old magazines, poster board and a little free time. The point of this activity is to create a 'vision' for how you would like to see your life progress. I made mine about a year ago and I've got to tell you - it's weird. 

My 'Vision Board'

So, you might ask..."What is Valerie Bertinelli doing in there?" Well let me tell ya - last year I was 40 lbs heavier than I am today. She was my inspiration. Don't get me wrong, I am a long way from looking like Valerie Bertinelli but a girl has got to have a goal - right?

The woman musing with the caption..."Everyone Has a Story to Tell"? I began my blog within a few months of adding it to my board.

The photo of two young friends with "If you need to lean awhile..."? It was a card received from a friend after the death of my dad. It reminds me of the importance of friends in our lives and a reminder to 'be there' for them.

The screened in porch with the day bed? I would show my 'oasis' to you you, but we have a friend in it today and I don't want to kick her out of the iron day bed that I found in a garage sale last year.

A few things have not yet happened but I'm hoping...

The couple on a beach taking a picture of themselves? That's reserved for when my husband and I retire.

"O"? It doesn't look good for my dream to meet my BFF, Oprah -  but I guess I'm OK with that.

The little dog?  The couple running together? Hmmmm. OK, so my life would not be impacted much if I didn't get the little dog and I am really not one for group exercise anyway...but, I still hold out hope for the stainless appliances!

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Heather said...

Well done on the weight loss and the "oasis". Those are some really wonderful accomplishments.

Since the basis of my blog started out as a way to document my 101 list and try to live my life to the fullest, maybe I should get to making ones of these vision boards for myself, huh?

Angie said...

Sounds like a fun and self-informative project, I think I'll make one for myself!

Nice to meet you!

Best Kept Secrets said...

Hey stumbled across your blog.
Vision board sounds like a great idea to be reminded daily of what you want!
Please stop by my blog and say hi sometime