Walkin' Our Baby Back Home


I was reminded the other day of a time when I was young, poor and in need of a sofa.

Unlike our many of the current generation - I was, (and remain to be) totally OK with hand-me-downs, thrift-shop purchases and used merchandise.

I recall it being a typical hot and sunny Saturday morning in Dallas when my roommate, Susan and I decided that our living room needed more than one Papasan chair and a TV set.

Since the Papasan chair belonged to Susan, I took it upon myself to spear-head the search for additional seating in our duplex apartment.

Susan and I were 'cut from the same cloth' so-to-speak and could care less about style - we were looking for cheap.

Retail was ruled out - a garage-sale was the way to go. Within a couple of hours and about a mile away, our well-used but workable sofa found us - for the low, low price of twenty-five dollars! That's what I'm talking about! Ka Ching! Sold!

Not the sofa we chose - but a close enough representation
Not a 'looker' and a definitely a little worn but it was nothing that a good vacuuming, insecticide and a colorful throw couldn't fix.

But, ... "How do we get it home?" My 1976 Ford Pinto & her Mazda GLC weren't up to the task so, necessity being the mother of invention, our the only realistic option was 'walk it' home.

Bracing ourselves for catching awkward glances and a catcall (or two) from passing motorists, we stood tall, shoulders back, heads held high and picked up each end of the sofa beginning our trek home through the streets of Big D.

Occasionally stopping to take a break, we would gingerly place our new purchase down on the sidewalk and take a seat. All the while, watching the world go by while taking the taunts of rubber-neckers in stride.

A small price to pay.

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