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Don Wannabe, Inspector Neville 'The Nose' Nutella, Rhett Bumbler and Jack "Greasy Thumbs" Giuseppi  making like they all get along
Your hosts of the evening festivities; 
"Madame" Meme Wannabe (the ex-hooker with a heart of gold) and her husband, Don Wannabe 

The "Sultry Songbird" Carrie Crooner-Ravioli 
getting a little up close and personal with Mr.Al Capone

Don "Big Jim" Ravioli cozying up to ex-wife Vicky Ravioli unfortunately, this little dalliance came to an abrupt end as "Big Jim" was soon knocked off.
Capo "Toto" Tequila putting the moves on Vanessa Crooner
Madam Meme ingratiating herself upon a member of the local press, "Flash" Mamcini
The "Baroness" Ravioli (Big Jim's momma) and 'her' lovely grand-daughter Miss Rebecca Ravioli

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