Dear Oprah,


Dear Oprah,
It comes as no surprise to me that your show will be nothing but an archive in 2011 and you have kept us well informed of your plans but it is just killing me that you are leaving the show.
Needless to say, I guess I have been in denial these past few months since I heard of your decision and yes, I admit to experiencing a little anticipatory grief so I would like to take this opportunity to bid you "farewell".

Little did you know that our friendship began back in the mid-eighties when you encouraged women to "puh-lease put your bras back on!" (at last - the voice of reason) and had us to 'look within' and make peace with ourselves.
For over the past twenty years, we struggled with our bad hair days, our weight, our pasts, our good and bad relationships. You introduced me to my "Inner Child" and educated me on topics that spanned the widest of  spectrums - from racism to thread counts. You allowed me to share friendships with Gail and Nate. You encouraged me to start reading books again and step outside of my 'comfort zone' (I must say that I didn't quite 'get' Eckhart Tolle but maybe I'm not quite 'there' yet) -  I loved "The Pillars of The Earth", "The Help" and "Edgar Sawtelle". You taught me about creating my 'vision' for life and about allowing myself to listen to what the universe is telling me. Most importantly, you taught me to forgive myself by quoting your friend Maya Angelou ..."When you know better, you do better". That quote has become my mantra. Your presence in my life has been enriching and I am a better person because of you and for that I will always be grateful.
Thanks Oprah.

Your BFF, 

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