Chaos. It all started with Sandra Bullock and Jesse James...

Since then, I have had several girlfriends come to me with relationship issues, anxiety reactions and/or feelings of depression. 
It seems to me that a little 'universe shift' is underway and I feel a need to address it...

Now, don't get me wrong - I'm no 'Oprah' but there are a few things that I know for sure...
- When in doubt, ask yourself... "Am I better with or without him (...her, it)?"
- Taking prescribed antidepressants does not mean that you are crazy.
- Creating a 'vision' for your future can create a self-fufilling prophecy.
- Forgive yourself for past mistakes. "When you know better, you do better." Maya Angelou
- Make a conscious effort to encourage good people to come into your life and actively encourage      negative people to leave it.
- Be nice. "Niceness does not equal stupidity" (or something along those lines). Cher
- When you hear the wind whispering through the leaves of the trees, feel embraced by your friends    and family who have passed away.
- At the onset of an anxiety attack, try inhaling through your nose, to the count of..."one, one      thousand /two, one thousand/three, one thousand/four, one thousand" and then exhaling through pursed lips to the count of ..."one, one thousand/two, one thousand/three, one thousand/four, one thousand. Do this 4 or five times. This exercise helps to prevent full-blown panic attacks. It really works. Been there.
- Snapping a rubber band on your wrist is a helpful way to stop obsessing about things you cannot control before you let your mind get out of control..
- Reach out and help somebody out, anybody. A simple phone call to somebody who doesn't get a lot of phone calls would do the trick. It will take your mind off of things.
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

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catherine aldersey said...

Hi Joanie,
I love reading what you have to say, and it is time I told you so! I'm Australian, and I found you by chance - don't know how but am so glad I did. I appreciate your down-to-earth style, your sensitivity, and how very funny you are.
Thank you so much, I get a lot from your blog.
Best wishes,

joanyspot said...

WOW. Catherine - Thank you!

Leslie said...

I love the last suggestion here especially - it's a great reminder. It seems so hard, when you're in the thick of your own anxiety/obsessions/downness, to think about other people. But with a reminder, it's so much easier. I'm going to write it down and tack it on my little "inspiration" board. Thank you!