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Biker Party

My big brother, Vic has always loved motorcycles so coming up with a theme for his Surprise 50th Birthday Party a few years ago was easy...The invitations, the cake, cocktail napkins and a poster all sported this caricature of my big brother.

Vic has always had a "no frills" approach to life so, the invitations were mailed in brown paper bags.
The color scheme was black and chrome.Old childhood photos were blown up, laminated and posted around the house - I couldn't find a baby picture of him so I just used this one ....
It seemed right.

The 'dress code' was 'Biker Chic' and no one disappointed.

Party fare was 'Beer, Barbeque and BS' - served up buffet-style in tool boxes with red bandanas used as dinner napkins and jelly jars as glassware.  Tables were covered in black and the centerpieces were metal boxes with toy motorcycles glued onto them (all procured from various thrift stores) and placed on 12 inch round mirrors.

Forced (by me) to 'suit up' into his complete fire-fighting gear, my sweet husband presented the birthday boy with his 50-candle fire-hazard of a birthday cake...

 After the party - Vic, with his sons Robert & Thomas our Dad and I...

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Heather said...

That is such a great idea! I love the Biker Chic idea. I may have to think of that for my birthday this year. Better yet, you could plan it! Looks like you did an outstanding job!