Texas Bluebonnets


We are spoiled rotten.

By these people...

As guests of our dear friends (B&K) we got to hang out at a real Texas Ranch, smack dab in the middle of Texas Hill Country during the Bluebonnet season.

Imagine campfires with the best friends ever, great wine, food and company.

I told you we were spoiled.

Bluebonnets are the State flower of Texas and legacy of Lady Bird Johnson who requested that the Texas State government scatter the seeds of bluebonnets and other wildflowers along Texas highways and fields back in the day.

Speaking of,  "back in the day" ... I was in my early twenties and in dire need of a bouquet of bluebonnets for my kitchen table. It was dusk when I decided to head out to White Rock Lake in Dallas. Armed with a pair of scissors and under the cloak of darkness, I drove the park for a while, carefully ensuring there would not be any witnesses to my crime. Pulling up to a thick grove of beautiful bluebonnets, I snipped rapidly and with surgical precision. Not daring to look back, I sped away from the scene in my '76 Pinto.

It turns out that the drama was for not.

It is not illegal to pick bluebonnets in Texas after all.

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jom said...

That last photo is magical. I would love to know where it is. Is it private property?

joanyspot said...

It was taken on the ranch in Llano, Texas...a private property. But if you travel to the Texas Hill Country during Bluebonnet season, there are plenty of similiar 'photo-ops'. Thanks for dropping by.