For The Love of a Great Sale...


I knew it would be crowded and I would bet that every Obsessive-Compulsive-Neatnik within a fifty-mile radius would be out there in droves but my OCN-self just couldn't stay away...THE CONTAINER STORE was having a blow out sale!

If you didn't get to attend, step back with me for a moment and imagine your local 'State Fair'...

Hoards of somewhat sweaty people without direction, children squealing, upbeat announcements coupled with a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air. Turkey legs, cotton candy, wife-beater shirts and beer may round out your view. Now, quickly replace those thoughts with visions of  J.Crew, Ann Taylor, good shoes, Spanx and deodorant. It was the sale of the century! The Container Store in Plano, Texas was moving to a new location and the markdowns were incredible!

'Mecca' to those of us who just love to organize ourselves silly, yesterday's sale was a dream come true - 60% - 80% price reductions in containers for everything from bug collections to water. Life is good.

Within minutes of entering the store I prepared myself for a wild ride.
  • A Plano Police Officer was posted at the front of the store - Good thinking - The throngs of customers inside warranted it.
  • The ever-chipper Container Store employees, bedecked in their "Contain Yourself" t-shirts were literally everywhere - shifting products and being their helpful selves. At one point I had to ask one employee why they were continuing to rearrange things when the store would be closing tonight. The response? "We're moving them forward in order to create visual appeal". Of course. Love that about TCS.Worrying about visual appeal to the bitter end.
  • Two lengthy (but well-mannered and tastefully-dressed) lines of customers extending clearly to the back of the store were waiting to be cashed out. All the while being enticed by further markdowns (baskets for 25 cents a piece!) and further promotions.
  • Shopping Carts were a precious commodity and there was a line for them as well, but hey - I was in The Container Store - so I skipped the shopping cart line and snagged a few containers to put my  containers in and 'a-shopping' I went.
Although it took me about 30 minutes in line to reach the cashier and receive my extremely marked-down purchases, it wasn't all that painful. I was surrounded by like-minded pleasant OCN types, and tons of "visually appealing" containers.

Who could ask for more?

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MOLLYC said...

OMG,I was just in Los Angeles visiting my daughter. She is 32. Did she want to go shopping at Pottery Barn? No. Anthropologie? No. Williams-Sonoma? Negative. So we made a beeline to the CONTAINER STORE, where we spent a good hour. I do have to admit that there was a lot of great stuff in there! Fun post! Found you on blogher!

Heather said...

Ugh! I can't even tell you how JEALOUS I am! There's not a container store anywhere near me. It's just not right. I wish I had known! It might have actually been worth it to make the trip to Texas. LOL