What Was I Thinking?


Letting myself go gray? I don't think so.

What was I thinking?

Allowing myself to retreat from My War On Aging is sort of like 'giving up' and I just can't do that yet. My heart sees me as youthful, playful and (somewhat) energetic and that's exactly who I want to portray to the world.
So, I just happened to come upon the March issue of "Oprah" and last week and there it was....on page 78...a review of Charla Krupp's new book How To Never Look Fat Again. It begins..."The author of How Not To Look Old is back with the equally straight-talking..."
How not to look old? Somebody wrote a book about that? Who knew? I ran right out and bought a copy. 

My new BFF, Charla says..."Forget aging gracefully. I'm just going to come out and say it. Aging sucks". "We're not going to celebrate our wrinkles. We're not going to join the Women Who Have Had Too Much Work Done club. We're not going to look old."

Now that's my kind of woman. The book is fun to read and full of tips to make yourself look more youthful. It even has you define yourself as a high, medium or low maintenance type and offers suggestions on what you can do to meet your own beauty needs.

Did you know that dark lipstick, red fingernail polish and too dark hair makes one look older? Me neither - but the book has pictures that show the OL (Old Lady) look vs. the Y&H (Young and Hip) look and she makes her point.

So as I find more material on aging in the best way possible, I'll keep you informed.

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Perle said...

Wow, going gray lasted 3 days.

Heather said...

It's good to know my soul sister hasn't given in to the rigors of aging yet! There's still hope for me too!

By the way, I think your mother would have had to give up a child. Mine was born in 1951. Gulp!