Getting Our Irish On


There's something about The St. Paddy's Day - Greenville Avenue Parade that draws Doug & I to leave our comfy, white bread and mayonnaise suburb of Plano at 10:30 am, hop a train and head to downtown Dallas where we get to join the crowd of hyped-up, beer-swizzling, bead-catching, green-loving party goers that sits well with us. I guess it's kind of like slowing down to watch a car wreck.

Yes, in my youth, I had been known to drink a green beer or two while wearing a shamrock on my forehead but now I must admit that I'm more than content to be a bystander...
A recent fire involving historic Dallas architecture on Lower Greenville Ave. prompted community support for Dallas Fire-Rescue

Altlanta has their
"Sweet Potato Queens"
we have our
"Texas Tortilla Queens"

Beads? Hell No.
We toss green tortillas!

Whatever it takes to make a float...
that's what I love about The Greenville Avenue St. Paddy's Day Parade.

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