AudioBook Review: The Swan Thieves


I tried, I really did - but despite wonderful narration by Treat Williams and Anne Heche, this book was beyond painful to me.

It's about a Robert Oliver, a bipolar artist who attempts to slash a painting at The National Gallery of Art. Robert is now institutionalized in a psychiatric facility and obsessed with the woman in the painting that he tried to attack. Andrew Marlowe, a psychiatrist who conveniently happens to be an artist, steps in and takes it upon himself to seek out Mr.Oliver's estranged wife and delve into what makes Robert Oliver tick - oh, but the 'love bug' bites Dr. Marlowe and he finds himself smitten by the lovely Mrs. Oliver...

You can just imagine what happens next if only you could continue on in the book but the excrutiatingly slow dialogue prevents further interest..."The morning was gray with mist, clearing in uneven patches overhead to show pellucid sky, the evergreens full of crows and cobwebs, the birches already turning over a few yellow leaves." Give me a break. The Swan Thieves was full of this stuff. The detailed descriptions  were so agonizing that my simple mind just couldn't take any more.

Does anybody out there know how it ended?

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Perle said...

Easiest way to find out is google the title and spoiler. You'll get lots of hits. Most have same opinion you did about it's verbosity. Here's one spoiler at Amazon.

Betty Manousos said...

Thank you for the follow!
I'm folowwing you back!
Nice to "meet" you!
Betty x

Unknown said...

Not familiar with the book, and won't bet familiar after reading your post! lol