For The Love of a Good Party...


Anyone who knows me knows how I love to plan a good party. Attention to detail is paramount and nothing 'half-assed' will do.
Of course, you can't really have a party without a decent theme. A few of my most memorable party themes have included ... "Kathy & Bob's Out of Africa Party", "Vic's Biker Birthday", "A Night in Munich Party", "Doug's Italian Bistro Birthday", "A Waif's Christmas", "Bob's Survivor Birthday" amongst many others. Every party thrown had appropriate linens, signature drink, lighting etc.

OK, so I get a little OCD about these things but that is why God created cocktails. I'm OK until about 2 hours before the guests arrive and then it's time for a rum and diet coke.

Friday night was "Ben's Magic 30th Birthday" - I'm not sure why I chose 'magic' as the theme except that I remember Ben would trade "Magic Cards" as a kid and I thought he might like the idea.

The colour scheme was black, white & silver. The dining table centerpieces were white bunny rabbits sitting in black top hats. I tied several napkins together and stuffed them into silver mailing tubes to simulate your typical magician's prop. The mailing tubes were decorated in ribbons and "30 Sucks" lollipops. Silver stars were strung above the dining table with fishing line.

It's all about presentation.

After dinner, Ben's surprise guest arrived - "Wizard Wayne" - a magician recommended by a little magic shop nearby.

OK, he was no David Blaine but I think a good time was had by all none the less.

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Heather said...

That is seriously a fabulous theme and the design elements were perfect. I completely concur about party themes and nothing "half-assed". It makes me want to plan a party!