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The Quebec Carnival - Part Quatre

The Ice Hotel

The ‘inside’ temperature was maintained at 23F-26F at all times. The floors were covered with clean, white powdery snow and all the furnishings were made of ice.
The Ice Chapel holds regularly scheduled Sunday services and the ice-benches are covered in fur. For winter weddings, the staff change the 'everyday' fur for white animal fur ...
A ‘discotheque’ and bar where drinks are served in blocks of ice that have been bored-out in the center to accommodate your cocktail, served by bartenders dressed in parkas.

The guest rooms are beautiful. Ice-beds are covered in fur and you recieve a standard-issue sub-zero sleeping bag upon check-in. No bathroom, sink or mirror kind of takes the romance out of it but ...

The dramatic lighting is a sight to behold.


CanAmGirl said...

I'm from Toronto, and I've always heard about the ice carnival in Quebec! I really hope to see it live myself one day! Thanks for sharing!

joan young spotswood said...

I'm originally from Toronto too - So glad I finally went to The Quebec Carnival.

Heather said...

All of that sculptured ice (the bar, bed, etc) are beautiful. I wonder if the artists get depressed when it melts and they have to redo it all the next year.

Thanks for sharing your adventure. Now I must get something hot to drink!

Joan Young Spotswood said...

I understand that the ice is smashed up and then thrown back into The St. Lawrence River