Her Name Was Lola ...She was a Grandma


It’s taken several months for me to warm up to the idea that ‘technically’ I am going to be a ‘Grandma’ in March. In anticipation of the blessed event, I decided early on that the thought of being referred to a “Grandma” was just not going to work for me. When asked by my stepson and his lovely wife what I would like to be called, I chose “Lola”. My husband’s first choice was “Long Distance”, then “Frank” but eventually settled on whatever the little one wanted to call him. What a pushover.

A gift from the expectant parents

Why Lola? I’m not quite sure. To me, the name sounds youthful and sexy. So I’m over fifty. No big whup. I understand that fifty is the new thirty and who cares what I really look like … it’s all about what I think I look like. Anyway, I would much rather have a 'tween' holler “Hey, Lola” at me in the mall, rather than “Hey, Granny”.

But when it all comes down to it – I’m thinking that little Annslee (It’s a Girl!) will find the name for me that fits her just fine.

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Heather said...

This is hilarious!

First, I think Lola instead of Grandma is very hip and cool, which you seem to be.

Second, a group of my girlfriends and I do this thing at Starbucks. You know how they ask what your name is so that when your drink is ready, they can call it? Well, my name is Lola at Starbucks.


joanyspot said...

Heather! OMG!!! We share an incredible number of similarities!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by on my SITS day! I LOVED all the comment love and now I'm here to spread it around!

Congrats Lola!

Kara said...

This post made me smile. :)


Annslee's mama