The Gardener


The human mind never fails to amaze me and frequently leaves me awestruck.

One hot summer in Dallas, I cared for an elderly man who had suffered a stroke while in his garden. It was estimated that he had been outdoors for three days in 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38C – for my Canadian and International readers). He arrived in the ER hyperthermic, neurologically impaired, sunburned and strangely enough - soaking wet. I mean that his clothes were dripping wet, even his shoes. When his condition was stabilized, I went out to find a disheveled and confused wife with a man who introduced himself as their neighbour. Taking them to his bedside, the neighbour asked to have a word with me… "outside the room"...

Explaining to me that my patient’s wife had Alzheimer’s Disease and was cared for at home by her husband, the neighbour said that he noticed her watering plants in the garden. This was an unusual sight as her husband normally took care of that sort of thing. He became concerned as he had not seen her husband in days so the neighbour decided to stop by. He found his neighbour ‘watering’ her husband.

The human mind never fails to amaze me and frequently leaves me awestruck

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