The Quebec Carnival - Part Trois


Armed with our ski-wear and my determination, we boarded our train to Quebec City. The train guy told us it would be "40 degrees below" in Quebec City. Ha! A little cold weather wasn't going to scare me off!

I had reserved a (surprise) romantic horse drawn carriage ride upon our arrival to the incredibly beautiful and historic walled city of Quebec but was soon dissappointed to learn that "it is too cold for the horses, Madam". No problem.

Venturing out on foot with only a 'walking tour' map of Quebec City was probably not my best decision but hey, hindsight is 20/20. After about 2 miles into our frigid trek, we came upon a lovely French restaurant with a roaring fireplace ...and no one spoke English! Now that's what I'm talkin' about! A different culture! A different language! My frozen husband was more impressed with the fire.

In the following days, we found The Quebec Carnival to be well organized with plenty to do. The giant snowman mascot "Bonhomme" was everywhere, outdoor ice skating shows, dog sled racing, ice sculptures, an outdoor theatre, tobagganing, zip lines, music and dancing were just some of the attractions but what kept us going was their signature drink - "Caribou". A mixture of wine, sugar and brandy, you could get it anywhere and it was always served hot.
EVERYBODY ventured out in this weather!

A Little History... The Quebec Carnival in Quebec City, “Carnaval’ in Rio de Janeiro and ‘Mardi Gras’ in New Orleans are based upon indulging yourself silly prior to Lent, a period of Catholic sacrifice and repentance that leads up to Easter. Many Catholics will ‘give up something for Lent’ as an exercise in self-sacrifice. For my friend JoBeth, it has always been tortilla chips, others swear off alcohol or chocolate. The point is…you should ‘give up’ something you will really miss for about forty days.
Today, these celebrations are a really good excuse for a winter party.

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Heather said...

Cute impression of Bonhomme. LOL

Where does a Texan find a coat like that?

Oh! And 40 degrees below zero??? I would have been downing those "Caribous" like they were candy!