Arkansas Road Trip 2009 - Part Three


I really should have been taking notes on our Arkansas road trip as I recall giggling about several town and business names like the hair salon in Mountain View called “Curl Up and Dye” or the town of “Fifty-Six’, Arkansas. My plan was to ... commit the quirky names to memory, look-up the names up and then write about them.

Unfortunately my memory is less than a steel trap these days and I should have known better. But, I did look up Fifty-Six and according to…

“Pleasant Hill was the choice for a new post office in Stone County back in 1905. However, the postal authorities rejected that name because Arkansas already had a Pleasant Hill. The second choice was the number of the local school district and it was accepted.” And that is how “Fifty-Six” Arkansas got its name.

Other interesting Arkansas Town names I found were …Toad Suck, Greasy Corner, Ink, Snowball and Smackover, to name but a few.

Texas towns?… Happy, Gun Barrel City (been there), Cut and Shoot, Spur, Fink and the most unimaginatively named, Austonio (located between Austin & San Antonio) and Texarkana (on the border of Texas & Arkansas).
But, my hands-down absolute favorite town name has got to be “Bug Tussle” Texas.

Location: Fannin County, Central Texas N FM 1550 and Hwy 345 miles N of Ladonia, 10 miles S of Honey Grove , 14 miles N of Commerce, 32 miles NE of Greenville, Population: 15

One day I may go there and see if I can buy a Tshirt - but I kind of doubt that they have a store.

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