I am so fortunate to have a friend like no other.

I remember reading somewhere that ‘people look for qualities in their friends that they may be lacking in themselves’. Although I don’t consider myself to be a royal witch on wheels... I tend to agree.

She has 'been there' for me in good times and bad for over 15 years. She is kind, thoughtful, loyal and patient and she has taught me more than she will ever know and I consider her my sister.

Kathy's Lessons...
  • Doctors are much more easy to get along with if you feed them first.
  • Laughing at yourself, is the first step to getting over yourself.
  • When you get up to go to work at 5am - Eat lunch by noon.
  • Be friendly and nice to everyone you meet.
  • Wearing high heels takes a lot of practice.
  • Hip-waders can be fun.
  • A ‘thong’ goes a long way to hide panty lines.
  • Always be gracious and grateful.
  • Loyalty is paramount.
  • Sharing is good.
  • Patience.
  • A compliment goes a long way in getting out of an uncomfortable situation.
  • Family, Friends and Pets are most important in life.
  • Energy drinks and vodka were created for people like me.
  • If the choice is "sparkly vs. not sparkly" - always choose "sparkly".
  • Sleep is for sissies.
  • Never pass up an opportunity to fish.
  • It's nine o'clock somewhere.

Thank you for being a wonderful friend.


Yesterday I learned how to add a “Fan” box to my blog! Now, I just need ‘fans’. Can ya help a girl out?

Wanted: Friends to pose as fans of “It’s Always Something…”

Just go to and click on the “Become a Fan” box on the right margin of the page.

I realize that an outright solicitation of a fan base may seem a little…pushy but just look at that box –“Joan Young Spotswood has 0 fans” – it’s painful.

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