A 'Southern' Baby Shower


Soon, my friend Lori and her husband Chris will be having their first child - a boy named, Seth. Today, a Baby Shower brunch was hosted in their honour by their dear friends Adrian, Debbie, Jeni and D'Ann. It was lovely . The hostesses were gracious, the guests were plentiful, polite and well-dressed, the food was delicious and the gifts were every bit as beautiful as the mother-to-be.

Lori's Baby Shower was as civilized a southern event as you could ever envision. The only thing missing might have been mint-julep but Texas is really not a 'mint-juleppy' state so that doesn't matter. Suffice it to say that the shower was a very lady-like affair.
As I was sashaying about, mingling with my fruity peach punch in hand, my 'curiosity antenna' veered towards two attractive blonde baby shower guests. While delicately nibbling on their bite-sized quiche, it sounded to me like the conversation concerned firearms...
  • Blonde #1 - "I just got my concealed handgun license renewed."
  • Blonde #2 - "Really? Do you carry a gun?"

  • Blonde #1 - "Sure, I have a gun in my purse." "I have for years."

  • Blonde #2 - "In Arizona, people don't conceal their weapons."

  • Blonde #1 - "Is that right? In Alaska, everybody carries their weapons in full view."

  • Blonde #2 - "Hey! Maybe we should get together sometime for target practice!"

I couldn't help myself and butted into the conversation... "Where else but in Texas would you stumble upon a conversation about firearms at a baby shower?" I asked. 'The blondes' enthusiastically responded by inviting me to "come shoot with us sometime!"

"Oh, I wouldn't trust myself. I've seen those 'You Tube' videos of people who wind up shooting themselves in the foot or getting hit in the head and knocking themselves out by the backlash of the gun." I said.

With that, the blondes looked at one another, then looked silently back at me. No one uttered a word but their faces said it all ..."We understand."

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