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A Career in Nursing: The Beginning

Decked out in my cap and graduation uniform, my vacant gaze speaks the truth. At nineteen, I was not ready for the tremendous responsibilities inherent to nursing.
My first real job was as a staff nurse on a Metabolic Medicine and Dialysis unit. I hated it. Our shift would begin by our "Head Nurse", an angry, unpleasant, narrow-minded narcissist who would literally inspect each nurse from head to toe. Should our shoelaces appear dingy or our skirt length be deemed too short, we were subjected to her wrath. Publicly.
To be responsible for 8 to 10 patients each, it was our responsibility to review all medications to be administered, prepare them, identify any outstanding procedures or tests that needed to be done, manage wounds and change dressings, create a plan of care for each patient, administer medications, change linens, feed, bathe and turn our assigned patients and document all nursing assessments, interventions, vital signs etc. If we were really lucky, a Nurse…

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